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Data protection

When visitors write comments on the website, we collect the data filled into the comment form, as well as the visitor’s IP address and the user agent string (identifying the browser) in order to support the identification of spam.

Your e-mail address may be transferred into an anonymised sequence of characters used for checking whether you use the Gravatar service. You find the data protection declaration of the Gravatar service here: After your comment has been approved, your profile picture will be publicly displayed in the context of your comment.

When you write a comment on this website, you consent to your name, e-mail address and website to be saved in cookies. This function offers the benefit of not having to enter all your data again for your following comments. Cookies will be saved for a year on your computer, unless you delete them beforehand. When you write a comment, it will be saved indefinitely, including the meta-data. This is how we will be able to detect and approve follow-up comments automatically instead of holding them in the moderation queue. In addition, a cookie will be saved for returning to your selected language option when you visit the website again.

If you have an account on this website, or have written comments, you may request an export of your personal data, including all data you have shared with us. You may also request that all your personal data we have saved will be deleted. This does not include any data we need to maintain due to administrative, legal or security reasons.