Courses and workshops

“If you can talk, you can sing” – I firmly believe in this ancient truth. I love to sing with you, whether you are an experienced musician or take the very first steps in reclaiming your voice.

In my workshops, we will explore the realms of the voice in a relaxed, playful way. Easy bodywork, chakra and vocalisation exercises will make you become aware of the wonderful instrument we have (and are). When we sing and chant together, we will experience community and connection with the Divine and each other in a heartfelt way. Toning (creating harmonious sound in a relaxed state) will weave each of our voices into a living web of music that carries us all.

For a workshop, I need a space large enough to accommodate the participants (i.e. enough space for us to move and dance), with chairs in a circle. Please also bring/provide a blanket for each participant. Wear comfortable clothes. Drink plenty of water. And enjoy …

Do you want me to hold a workshop in your institution, your retreat house or even your home? Please contact me!

If there are any workshops currently on offer, you’ll find them under “News”. 🙂